Well I know that it is local news but I suspect that the big time scandal for New York with the Governor Elliot Spitzer has hit the news at least once around the world. Americans must look like two bit yokels for all the excitement we show with sexual scandals. The guy messed up, no doubt about it, primarily not for his sexual improprieties but that he hired a hooker and got caught. But I think with all the reaction his biggest crime was being a kind of guy with a rod up his butt. Stiff necked, moralist towards others and now he has been hoisted upon his own petard. Served up on a steaming plate of hypocrisy and smug satisfaction on the part of his enemies and reluctant "I told you so" on the part of his friends. The Governor goes down, the hooker makes a ton of quick cash and life goes on. From my perspective the Governor made a number of very bad choices which I believe were motivated by political favors that he owed to get to his position. I know of at least one bad choice that affects lots of people that I know. And quite frankly I don't think he was anything to write home about, he didn't do much for his time in, he picked a stupid fight with a nasty but too powerful enemy and didn't get too much positive done to balance anything else he did. My bet was that he was a secret agent for the republicans, considering his mark on the position of governor. He was a yutz, he did some good things when he was a prosecutor but that fades quickly as well.

So when I got back to New York this is what has been dominating the papers, the news has been boring unless you get off on this kind of titallation. Well, sex and boobies sells and why not, don't we all enjoy sex and boobies. I do, at least the last time I checked. Now I know that this was a male oriented statement, but what the heck I am a male oriented guy, now wait a sec that didn't quite come out right, oh wait, come out right, now that was too suggestive, oh no, suggestive now that is too sexual. Oh my goodness , it never ends.

ta ta for now