I have passed the 100 mark on entries. Does that mean anything, I wonder as many people can say they have passed some arbitrary mark in life. Some marks or passages do mean something, that is why so many societies have rituals marking these moments, puberty is always a big one, with everything from new roles in the religious community to more severe body modifications and then there are fun parties with all sorts of obligations attached. Sadly some of these are played out on television with expressions of pubescent greed and ego centric excess shown both by the offspring and the originating offenders, the parents. Just go to the new MTV and you can see all that crap being shown on TV. That I know about this is a condemnation of me as much as the producers. But for some reason I am drawn to both the best but also the mundane worst, the decrepit expressions of a vapid empty stupidly ego or self centric culture that seems so abundant and pervasive in our modern society. Not that the other doesn't exist, it is that I have lived through the decades of greed, the decades of self improvement, the decades of "me" that I just feel like I have been covered in slime and the stench just can't seem to wear off. I am not a total cynic, I do believe that there is better out there and that it just isn't really covered in our media as the dark side sells so much better, evil is always more interesting in theater so why not the press as well? I remember after the end of the Vietnam war the ex protesters who were disillusioned turned to such things as EST or a variety of cults or therapies that were becoming so popular. My best moment was being told that we were doomed to nuclear war due to all the consumption of beef at McDonald's by a Krishna follower. The next moment was watching a major Hasidim sect the Lubavitcher who had people celebrating when their leader died as they truly expected him to rise from the dead and bring the second coming or at least their version. Even the other Hasidim sects were embarrassed by the behavior. The sexual scandals and hypocrisy of the various religious leaders runs rampant in our country. People are acting like fools in so many ways, the rise of kids killing kids in schools is very disturbing, and you just go to wonder about it all. What is driving all of this madness, what is fueling peoples various delusions? I haven't the foggiest, but this isn't the first time, we have also lived through the big millennial change over with lots of predictions so this stuff just keeps coming and going. And it gives me something to write about tonight. So I guess it serves some purpose.

ta ta for now