I will post my final traveling man pics later, poor traveling man is very worse for wear but I will do some minor repairs and off he goes to see if someone else will pick up the ball on this. No pressure, just want to see what happens.

I came home to a nice quiet place, except for our cat who had lots to say. The new cat just huddled down in our pillows as we surveyed for any damage. One plant was worse for wear but overall not too much damage. It was good to be home, tired and burned but happy. I tried to go to my programming class and stayed but was so fried I barely followed the work. Will work to catch up so I don't fall behind, school is important to me.

The biggest excitement was opening my mail, I now am the very very very very very proud owner of an original piece of art from the reclusive but brilliant painter of higher orders of reality in his own little corner of the world. Who may you ask is this reclusive mystery man, who may someday rock the very foundations of the art world in the field of paint on canvas, you wonder, you ponder and you question but no simple answer exists. The base answer that comes immediately to mind is a name but does that reflect the true value this person brings to the world? I say nay, again i say nay. So anywho, the answer to this quandary is the proud visage of Amiko. Yeah I got one of his paintings, and you don't, so there.

ta ta for now