So my vacation has ended, we finished the evening out with an Italian dinner which after all the nice Mexican meals was not a winner. Too salty, and it was disappointing as this place was supposed to do better than this. Oh well, we walked around town, there was some kind of scare in the town square which may have been connected to the Cuban celebration, who knows. What can I say, this was a vacation an exercise in project oriented photography, some fun and a little bit of education. Best of all it was spent in good company and next year I will be seeing the town of San Miguel once again as our friends are renting here again. This is what we plan on doing, we will come down here and do more traveling outside of the town and check out all the interesting sites that abound in this area, including a small pyramid that has been undergoing excavation and should be open next year. I would have loved to spend more time in the area to learn more about the culture and see more sites and just relax and get my fill of being somewhere that is not both the US or New York City. I can't wait until the next time, when I can explore and discover more to life and the world. ta ta for now