I am near the end of my vacation and I am running out of steam today though it was an interesting day. We spent the day at a hotspring, though the water was really a lukewarm spring but the purpose of being there was a fundraiser for three orphanages in the area. We met up with a guy from Michigan who does a lot of general maintenance of one of the orphanages in town set up for young women, and he drove us to this new pool. The day was filled with screaming but very well behaved young girls and boys who have been placed in these facilities for one reason or another. I did a little volunteer work, like cooking hotdogs and cleaning up. This is a travel blog I know not really very interesting on the artistic front but this is what occuped my time. Of course right now I am burned on my arms to a crisp, as in NYC I am a pale pasty color without any real sun so I burn like heck down here. But what I do want to get before leaving is one of those cowboy hats which even though I will look like a goofy gringo I want to wear back home. There is somthing about the short upturned brim and open weave that I really like and seems to work with my grey hair and beard. Plus I really ache from the horseback riding. What does this all mean, it means I have accumulated some great experiences without being on the hunt for new and novel times, this is just what has happened, mostly due to hanging out with interesting people, that has been my biggest resource. Oh and for the burn, I went out to the back yard and broke off a stem from the aloe vera plant and have been rubbing the sap on my skin. I wish I could stay longer but every vacation ends, even the ones that last forever. My poor traveling man may be beyond the point of actually putting into the mail after this, he has been squished and folded so I think he wouldn't survive mailing, perhaps I will put him in an envelope then mail him out. My friend Tom says hello as they all shamble off to bed. On Monday we will pack our stuff so we can bring our little purchase make it home and then off to NYC to be back with the cats and back to school and then when all is said and done, back to work with all the bullshit and drama and all that is my life. ta ta for now.