Today we went for a ride arranged by a local women who we did some business with. The ride and the ranch were not part of the usual tourist deal but was known a little bit by word of mouth. The ranch was owned by one family who made up a small town of about 5 families on this land and they raised cattle and once in a while were able to take people on rides which included a meal. The gentleman who took us explained that with his riding business it helped keep him from having to go north to the Us to look for work and helped his family maintain their connection to this property. Again we had the privilege of having a meal with a local family with true homemade food which was prepared over a open flame, not even a stove this time. We had a soup and chips with prickly pear salad and some other stuff I don't know how to describe. Everyone was extremely gracious and the dining room we ate in was presided over by a picture of the families late father. We met grandma who was 87 years old and the kids were in from the city to spend the weekend with her. The place was very basic with one house had electricity and we ate by candle light, not a romantic situation but the reality of the technology available. Although we exchanged money for the experience it was more a feeling of being guests than being patrons like you get in a commercial establishment. This is the type of experience that I desire in my life, a real human interaction not mediated simply by commerce. This is what I believe the basis of traveling broadens means, creating greater connections not only on the cultural front of seeing experiencing new things but making broader human connections to see that your way of living is indeed not the only way and the you don't necessarily define what humanity means. And of course me and my camera and traveling man were there to take a bit of it home with me.

Sometimes I wonder about all the billions of tourist pictures, what kind of mosaic that truly makes of the world we live in right now, how does all the pictures just the Japanese tourist come together and what kind of picture that paints.

ta ta for now