So the days are passing and my vacation is coming closer to an end. I am speaking of this days prior to this happening for a reason. As we go through the days here, I am not pressing to see everything or do everything or feel compelled to accomplish all the tasks on a list. As I said before, spending time with friends and family, being away from day to day drama this is my goal. I want to relax and enjoy being "somewhere else" that is a big one for me. Today I got to eat dinner in the home of a resident here in San Miguel. A meal from a cooking class and it was both an honor to spend time in their home but a thrill not to be sitting in a created atmosphere designed for my pleasure like a restaurant. I love eating out but you don't really get to be part of the place you are in except if you go to the little interesting joints that the locals eat at. That is one of the reasons I love watching Anthony Bourdain and the way he goes on eating expeditions all over the world. We haven't really done that here, we have ended up in very good restaurants and I am sure quite sanitary and all that but not truly the food of the country in the fullest sense of the word. But we can't always get what we want and the food has been fantastic. Tonight I had a wonderful meal of mole sauce made right before we got there. It was amazing. And out back were the geese and the little dogs of the house and all that.

So anyway, I don't have to finish everything, I am not going to live the quantity of experience chasing type. I want to savor life and not try to artificially fill it with sensations. I want to understand and savor and digest the sensations of my life. And I want my camera to be part of this process. I want my pictures not to be little captures of moments but to be an extension of my sensory apparatus, my third eye.

ta ta for now