I have become a diary keeper in this blog, less philosophy and more reporting on my activities. I don't think that this is too bad a thing, as right now my life is kind of interesting. San Miguel has lots of hills which coming from flat New York is leaving my calves aching like it is going out of style. My braces for some reason are also acting up with my mouth feeling like I have sliced up meat for gums right now. And of course I left my orajel at home. So my mouth is feeling very sore. But I am having a really good time, the whole atmosphere of this place is truly interesting and I am starting to see things a lot closer in way I am getting past the obvious. You know how we get overwhelmed by the differences and the novelty of what we see, the tourist trap of vision but now that I have become familiar a bit I can really start looking. And of course I am taking more traveling man shots, which also gives me an opportunity to take shots of the things I like to see again when I am home and regretting the end of my vacation. I am also starting to really relax and get away from the everyday crap of my existence. I do miss my classes at school and wish I had a laptop with the software I need that I could carry with me on trips, but that will come later. It is nice also to meet new people. If I didn't mention it already, my friend rescued a cat that was being abandoned by a women going through a divorce and contacted the husband to return his cat to him. Check out the pics for a little bit of the story. And tonight I met an interesting couple from Canada who were fun people and I am finding more people to hold traveling man. This process has been good for me.

ta ta for now