Although I should have high ambitions for this trip, my main purpose this time is really to get out of New York, away from the drama of work and spend time with people I truly care about. To me that has been the biggest gift of all, to be here with family and friends and to share the good times. Yeah I will soak up the cultural markers in the buildings and the iconic symbolism of the church and all the different expressions of a culture that is foreign but near to me in so many ways. Growing up in Southern California has funny expressions to my upbrining. Where else can you find the pinata moving into various types of celebrations of various different enthnicities. It is now de reguer to have one at parties. And the whole cal mex food style similar but with its own identity distinct from tex mex cuisine. And it is funny coming from New York where the sensibility for Hispanic culture goes to a whole different colonization and mixture of peoples and Spanish is very different from what I grew up with. So this feels so familiar and home like to me, even the arroyo type vegetation. Does this sound like I am expressing a broader view or growing in some way, who knows, today I walked all over town, heard a mariachi band, saw sights that were both familiar and different to me. The flat fronts facades hiding whole little worlds behind wooden doors is a wonder, and we went to art schools and visited artists and looked at crafts and just hung out. And you can see traveling man went along. Now the truth be told, those are just travelogue pics like every other tourist, I know this, and a million tourists have taken shots of all the things I shot in the last few days, so I had to find my niche and my particular and if not unique in the broader sense of the word, at least in the small sense this project is unique to me. It is happening to me and doing this at this time, am I making a splash or a mark in the world, as I usually say, who knows, perhaps, perhaps not, does it really matter? Right now I am in the midst of the process and for me that is the good place to be. The end result can only be judged in time, and then hopefully after I cease caring one way or another. ta ta for now ps. I am doing this on a Mac and the spell check doesn't work so if I do misspell sorry.