What a trip, delays over Atlanta but fortunately our flight to Queretaro was delayed so no harm done. Not really a travelogue but just bits and pieces. So here in San Miguel which is an old artist colony with lots of Americans and Canadians but not your usual bunch of retirees sitting in pools all day consumed with local community gossip. These are lots of the people that go on elder hostel trips and are taking classes and God help us, creating retiree art, which from my friend is lots of really bad stuff but gets shows down here because "why not". But there are also mixed in lots of serious artists and we have already seen some of the works hanging in the hacienda that we are staying in. In typical fashion the house is concealed behind a wall with all the great stuff hidden away but fabulous, with three levels and fruit trees in the yard and two fountains and best of all, a house cat. His name is Oscar and he is a great little pussy cato. So I am very happy camper. I am looking forward to starting exploring the town, because last night we came in very late so didn't get to see much except for an overturned bus, smelled the cattle and starting reading the signs which brought back some very rudimentary spanish I learned back in Los Angeles where I grew up. Traveling man is getting lots of pictures and when I get a chance to post some I have bits of our trip. As I said yesterday, travel broadens and now I get a chance to feed my soul so that later I can mix and churn and hopefuly bring together all these bits and pieces and impressions to make something new. Thesis, antithesis, and finally synthesis. Yeah thats the Hegelian ticket. ta ta for now