Data withdrawal, I think may actually be a symptom of the addiction to the Internet. Not the gaming, not the chatting, but being able to access all this information whether it come from databases, or people I am hooked. I am definitely hooked on email and to my chagrin that is so yesterdays news. But I don't think I am headed for constant instant messaging. Not that social a person. But I am going to stay hooked to my email and I do want to continue to update my blog. The place I am staying is with friends and they have Internet and a computer and if I need to do my school work I will go over to the local Internet cafe. I am a data junkie and an Internet addict. Though if I wasn't in school I am not so sure if I would stay as connected. I don't have to work on this blog, it is nice to keep at it, and the challenge to write everyday while I am not at that level I am doing pretty darn good. I have missed a few days but I don't seem to be running out of things to say, though it could be argued that the quality of my writing may not be up to par nor that I am all that interesting to anyone. But in my defense there does seem to be a few people who are reading this blog on a regular basis, or perhaps one or two people who don't want to see my spirit crushed are visiting enough to look like there is traffic.

I have some ideas for extending my traveling man project, not original idea, this was a coming together of a few other peoples projects that I have seen, but for some reason this particular postcard just doesn't want to leave my hands and I really enjoy using it this way. So if I can pull it off I will take that to a whole new level. That by the way means involving others, and they should know who they are.

ta ta for now