Interesting reaction to my blog, the entry on friendship beat out the more titillating headline on sex. So to me that begs the question, what is it that we want from each other on the web. There is tons of sex sites, enough erotic and pornographic imagery to choke a horse and fit to serve almost every desire, even those that are forbidden up to the point of illegality. Erotic art whether it is in print or imagery or audio has driven various types of technology, the printing press, the rise of the VCR and the first big time economy on the Internet. But this is all vicarious contact with no true human interaction except those moderated by economic exchanges. Women on web cams or other technologies performing for monies. But this is not human contact, the web at the same time abounds in various types of hook up sites, from the religious to the profane, you can try to meet your future spouse regardless of sexual, religious, ethnicity preferences or desires. You can meet up to try for long lasting monogamous relationships or go for the meat hook up for an hour or so. Is the Internet especially the web 2.0 phenomena the vast reflection of human alienation and loneliness that we long to share all our smallest of obsessions, interests, we can choose the latest headlines, share photos, comment on culture, is this just an excuse to be more human on an inhuman highway. At the heart of all that makes us human is we evolved to success as a "social" species who could overcome challenges beyond our singular capacities with our social solutions. So we now hook up to solve not problems of humanity but for ourselves in this giant social pool. To have sex, a relationship, for fun or to make something new and interesting in the world.

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ps. I go on vacation so you may not see this or not, because I do have access to a computer and the internet.