I have a couple of contacts now who do erotic and at least one who does sexually charged photography. I bring it up not for some titillation factor nor to take some position about the subject. This is part of us being physical human fleshy beings. And it goes back through the ages to early fertility fetishes to portray the human body or to allude or focus on our sexuality. These days at least in the U.S. it is such a political issue over reproductive rights, social norms, attitudes on the variety of human sexual orientation, all this was grist for the mill here. So that isn't what I want to talk about.

Of course I want to talk about me, isn't that the point of this blog exercise. This is about my desire or inhibition over the issue of doing pictures that involve sexuality or at least the beauty of the female form. Part of my inhibition is having to raise the question with someone in my life who may not be thrilled with the idea of me hanging out with all these naked young ladies. Not that I would do anything untoward but I am a bit whipped as we Americans are want to say. But beyond that the pictures I want to do are really about the tensions between the sexes and to approach those tensions in a dramatic yet humorous manner. I have in mind a series of images that would involved unwrapped models with various implements in poses that would be threatening to the base sensibilities of the male viewers. I am not going further in my description because at some point I might actually do this and I want to keep it under wraps. Of course the pictures would be great source material for further therapy but isn't that the point of much what is interesting to us with art that strikes at the core of our fears and anxieties and connections as people. I would love to do photography like Sol, I wish I was as talented as he is, or as provocative as Mark*Art, both do extremely interesting work at different ends of a singular spectrum of visual imagery.

In the meantime I will do the work that I do and figure that at some point in the future perhaps I will get to do this type of photography. I did do some rather odd erotic writing, which if I can find maybe I will post somewhere people here can read. But I have to find the writings, I am not sure if they still exist anywhere.

ta ta for now