Have you made friends from the web? While I am in school and the kid next to me was perusing their list of friends on facebook. They had tons of friends. I turned to her and said, why didn't she put out a request to borrow a hundred dollars and see how many friends she had on facebook. A simple test which measures in a very cursory way the depth of the relationship she has with these people. There is something odd about online friendships, and I think all these social sites somehow cheapen the meaning of friendship, while confusing people with common interests with actual friendship. Not that I am saying that relationships can't be formed online nor that people can't develop very friendly and possibly meaningful relationships. But like any real relationship these are formed over time and through some exchange going on between people. We can all be friendly and over time I have developed relationships with at least a couple of people on flickr and here that have meaning to me. We share a common interest, we share some common sensibilities in humor or political outlook. We are high speed pen pals, and I think that is good. But we can't simply create equivalence from that to the people who we share our lives with on a more daily or even weekly physical contact and interaction. Who knows, at this point perhaps I am wrong but I just don't think so, despite how highly I value the people I have grown close to here online. I will say that I do value these relationships highly. I guess we have entered a new phase of long distance relationships.

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