I did one project back on flickr that I was very proud of. I took an image and in the description part I put in a long monologue asking my contacts what type of photographer they were and what was their internal motor that drove them to take the pictures they did. I got around 80 responses and they were fascinating. People for some reason felt it was ok to expose more of themselves than I think they would have normally. Almost as if they were surprised that someone was taking the time to ask them about them instead of dwelling on our favorite subject ourselves. For a moment I was able to lift a lid and see what was dwelling in some small part of other peoples psyche. To share with them and to have them share back with me a piece of their humanity. To me this was probably one of my greatest moments and for a brief moment it was a small community in an interesting discussion that touched deeper than I had expected. Yeah I guess that probably goes on at some level in the discussion threads in all those different groups on flickr and perhaps here as well, but to me there was a feeling of intimacy with others that I don't feel in those long rambling threads where the responses range from the sublime to just plain stupid. The trolls feel compelled to swim in those pools and piss in our wells. Not for me thank you. Sometimes I join in those discussions but usually end up being silly. I did join some discussions on the filter settings on flickr and the sense of arrogance of the people I had started to debate just ended up pissing me off to no end. As if policy was simply and issue of technology while arguing that all was well in the world. At the end of that debate flickr turned all the German members onto safe search with no recourse. If we aren't being protected from terrorists we are helping keep the children safe or fending off all sorts of bad people, many of whom are truly bad except the protectors in many cases are just as bad or worse.

So anyway, I miss that discussion and I could never seem to stir people up to that level again.

ta ta for now