I never heard of Ipernity until one of my contacts on flickr renamed himself as relocating to Ipernity. That contact was Timo or as he is known on his contact page as tschnitzlein. I did not want to lose his insight or wit so I followed him here. Although he is struggling for time and I see he only pops up now and then, his comments and contributions are always worth the wait. Another joy I have over here with this blog is to see the written comments by Jerry Lee and Amiko and now teejaybee who have graced my writings here and always have something interesting to say. But when it comes down to hot and heavy philosophizing, timo will kick your ass and have you wondering the meaning of it all.

So that is why I am here and actually I have slowed down on flickr, though I still drop in to put up pics and comment on my contacts pics, right now my heart is really in two things. Postcards and this blog. Imagery and words seems to be my niche and I am going to follow that road for awhile, at least until I can break a hundred postings and then I will look back and see if I still have something to say. It is getting harder and harder now and I wonder at times what I have left to offer although life is not so static and I should be absorbing new material everyday it doesn't feel like that.


ta ta for now