Although this blog is primarily about my thoughts on the world, it is not a reflection of some ego driven me centric viewpoint. Yes I worry about things that affect me in the struggle to define my world in an artistic sense. But the world is much greater than the individual and the state of the world also worries me. It seems that we are under assault on all sides. Hordes of people who would kill over their belief systems that preclude any understanding of others belief systems, political leaders who think they can shape the world politic through military means while bankrupting their own economies and corporations that spend their time figuring out how to capture more and more of the intellectual property created by themselves and others and monetize all of culture and restrict access to more and more of our intellectual heritage for their own economic interests. Masses of women and children prostituted and enslaved to more people to garner monies, biodiversity destroyed in short term interests. All this and that is only a fraction of the crap that is being piled upon us, I see what I consider good in this world being buried in more and more deceit, greed and crap. I used to be very politically active but fundamentally lost hope in the ability to change the future, so I turned to art. Art to me can comment on the world, perhaps even bring some awareness but I don't believe art can truly change the world, to do that you have to set out to actually change things. I believe that artists who think they are changing the world in the greater sense carry a sense of romanticism about them, not that artists are impotent observers but the role of the artist is on the sideline of change, a catalyst perhaps but not the engine.

I wish that art could do so much more, because there are so many artists who do wish to bring something better to us all. Oh well, if wishes were fishes, we would all be eating cod on Fridays.

ta ta for now