I think that the SAG awards are much more meaningful than the Oscars since the truth behind this award ceremony is that it was created as a marketing tool and to me is still that at bottom. Popularity in popular culture to me is not necessarily a true measure of worth. Van Gogh would have never won and Oscar, been as big as Kostabi nor appreciated. In fact the most popular selling painter in the US is a guy who paints the same stuff, actually doesn't paint them he has people create his stuff, prints that are painted over of insipid scenes of ivy covered cottages and has topped it all off by developing a housing development based on his cottages. Of course this is connected to the strong religious revival in the US amongst evangelical Christians. Thomas Kinkade the Christian oriented artists. This is the culmination of popular culture, not the stuff on tv or in movies. The US is also the country where there is a strong market for movies concerning the Christian rapture and the final days. Non of this is a knock on peoples religious beliefs, but on what popular culture consists of, not the best but what is popular and that is based on more complex factors.

I haven't been deep enough in Ipernity so I don't know, but on flickr there place abounds with self appointed award mongers. I am not sure if that is to convey importance to the people who get them, or what I suspect importance to the people giving the awards. To be the judge is a place of power and influence, but self appointed is a funny bargain.

So I will sit here the unrecognized, bitter and sullen genius awaiting my getting the real award of recognition and fame I so rightly deserve.

ta ta for now