I get up on my pulpit and rail against the petty concerns raised by the social nature of web 2.0 sites with the power of the community and comments, and faves and all the rest. I have explored my feelings about explore in flickr, I wondered why I didn't like most of the work I found there, yet not so secretly wished that more of my pictures ended up there. I ranted against the system that I felt raised the mass of mediocre to the pinnacle and hid the great, undoubtedly counting my own work among the pieces I consider "great". Well it is true, I am so full of shit. I yearn for comments, I worry about views, I count the times my pictures have been looked at or faved. Yes, I am just another petty little egotist wailing about the iniquities of a world that refuses to recognize my genius.

Actually I am not that bad, but I am very happy that Jerry and Amiko and now teejaybee have commented on my blog. And it thrills me to no end that my postcard has traveled around the world and has sparked some interested reactions. And that people in a town I had never heard about before are finding my work thought provoking in some manner. So just like everyone else, attention has made me happy. But I do worry about that and other inane things. So I now officially rejoin the world as a new man, a new leader in the fight to have everyone enjoy the fruits of their labors by asking for more equitable distribution of faves and comments. Yes that will be my platform when I run for the office of president of both flickr and ipernity. I shall bring these two worlds back into the new world order, I shall bring peace to the photographic turmoil that is plaguing the digital sea of today. My first act will be to grant faves to every deserving fave starving state and municipality in this our fair digital realm.

ta ta for now