I can't think of anything sensationalist to say to try to get more readers or responses. Should I stand on the street corner and scream, art is dead, photography is visual masturbation, digital is not real, stop the exploitation no more pictures of the world outside of yourself. Yeah that's the ticket, I shall shave my head, don torn sack clothes and ashes and carry a giant poster that screams the world is "coming to an end". I shall open a anti social web 3.54 site that specializes in keeping people apart, designed to have members gossip behind each other backs, stab each other in the heart by only bad mouthing the other persons artwork. The Anti Flickr, where you post stuff only to be insulted, no faves, just pick the worst in your opinion, comments are only prepackaged phrases, like "you suck" "this sucks" "why do you keep on living" "you call yourself a photographer, well don't". Buttons instead of faving will allow you to delete the other persons pictures or move into groups like "crap" "total crap" "too crappy to live". Where the pictures with the most views will be printed and burned in obscene ceremonies that are broadcast across the web.

Would the members still worry about how many views they get or how many comments or anti faves, or if they get picked to have their work burned.

Oh what a wonderful and amazing world that would be, but I suspect it would still be oh so familiar.

ta ta for now