I really don't have much to say or think about tonight. Can I keep flogging the whole art issue, is interestingness that big enough deal to keep dealing with it, does sadness is something to keep seeking consolation about? That is where I am at right now, nothing big, nor small seems to be percolating in my mind. School is going well, flickr has kind of lost its luster, I am somewhat bored with the whole thing. Does photography in the digital realm have that much meaning, yeah people can look at it, even download it, but are we really exchanging anything at all. It just doesn't seem to be the same as if I printed one of my images, framed it or you frame it and hung it up on a wall. What at best I have is you looking at your monitor or even downloading a file and doing whatever. There is this whole big thing about creative commons with all this whoohaw about sharing and spreading joy and goodwill but that still doesn't address the issue of how it FEELS to me as the artist about my creation and the act of giving, selling, sharing or somehow exchanging my work for something from you. For all the social aspects of web 2.0 and community and comments and faves there is not real emotional transaction in this process unless we go outside the framework and do something on the physical realm. At least that is how I feel about sending out my postcards. I am not dismissing what happens between others in this digital plane but I would contend that it just isn't the same.

ta ta for now