I was never really a very good school. It was not that I didn't enjoy learning, because that is something I have done my whole life, usually through my reading, but I was always so insecure about my capabilities and had problems with my self esteem. It may for a very fraught academic life, always measuring myself against impossible standards which I always failed, so school sucked. I skipped an enormous amount of class time and barely made it through, though I did well enough on the college assessment tests to get in. So that is my checkered past, which took me many years to overcome, and I was whining about my college failure for years. Well due to internal progress and people around me who got sick of my whiny nature I changed gears and went back to school. And now as an older person in my 50's with most of my career set school has taken on a whole new meaning. I do have a goal for my efforts, to provide documentation of my skills and to expand those skills for my current career and hopefully for my next. So the big pressures both internal and external have gone somewhere else. I feel pretty good about myself and I am taking the tact that school will be enjoyable for me, and it has. With this attitude coupled with an innate desire to know things I am having the time of my life. What has really grabbed me has been my art classes, I have made some really cool connections with my teachers and am learning a lot of fun stuff. My sculpture teacher is a postcard artist among other things, he is interesting, I am still in touch with my color and design teacher and being older I can talk to them as an adult, not just some goofy student, I have to admit to not being very versed in the subject of art, I don't have extensive background in the subject and these classes have really started to fill that cultural void which has bothered me for years. I want to understand the development of art throughout the ages, what makes for the different schools, how the components of art pieces come together and how they relate to each other. Colors, space, line and energy. I know how things affect me but I still haven't developed all the language, I don't really know the vocabulary of art. I am not talking the sense of art in the market value but in the language of the medium and the cultural traditions of the process of making art. I have not been schooled in these subjects, but I am starting to do that now, in fact if I could I would spend my whole career just on this area, but I do have more fish to fry than just carp.

ta ta for now