I was trapped for a long time on flickr discussing the issue of views and faves and explore and how that made me feel as someone who tries to create pieces of art. It reminds me of the debate over the poetry slams that were popular a few years ago. And that still is happening in one form or another, partly in the rhymes in hip hop competitions and other spoken word events. These to me are expressions of pop culture, with all the same mystery of how certain songs, movies, catch phrases manage to make into pop culture and become part of the fabric of our lives. In my life it was a very easy reference to go to Gilligan's Island. When you said the professor or went, "hey little buddy" you knew exactly what I meant. There was a hip hop song that mentioned a cereal that I had remembered until I was interrupted to discuss what items were going into the wash tomorrow. Oh well, there goes that train of thought.

So now flickr is part of our regular culture, enough people are starting to see it, know the name and many pictures are linked from there and Yahoo is big news now, being courted by both the evil empire Microsoft only to try to see if they want to be part of the evil empire of News.com both run by wealthy megalomaniacs, I will take my chances with Bill than with Rupert, At least Bill gives his money to good causes, Rupert is a gutter kind of guy. Wow where did this all come from? Anyway, I forgot what the heck I wanted to say, it was all blown away by someone who always ends up interrupting me when I am writing.

ta ta for now