So let us leave the little drama of my life and get back to a neighborhood where we all live. Web 2.0 the social web with our niche being art. We supply the content to these sites with our pictures, videos and audio files and the programmers give us tools to share, communicate, rate and on various levels interact. This is a fundamental fact that has to be remembered when we get carried away about the artistic nature of our collective passion. Flickr and Ipernity are not art sites per se, they are social sites that host people with a shared interest in visual arts. This is the glue that holds us together across distances and it is our ability to interact on this subject that both elevates and causes us distress. We get faves and comments we feel great, we do not we feel terrible, it is such a major influence combined with the free wheeling style of discussion that these disembodied forms create, and what I mean by that is flame wars, snarky comments, insults on one side, overweening compliments, meaningless awards, votes on the worthiness of people pictures it all stirs in this soup of social communication. Does this create better art, I think not, I think what it really does is reflect all the various aspects of our character as social creatures. Take away the sophisticated technology and could we all be standing around a fire while watching the shamans dancing away dressed as our prey animals. As we watch can't you just imagine the comments, oh that one is truly the wild oxen, or that one stinks as the bear I just don't believe him. The debate grows between groups on who is the best bear and insults and arguments start flying. Are we really beyond that just because we can do this with keyboards and monitors, perhaps my scenario did or didn't happen, but it is possible and truly believable.

ta ta for now