Before I launch into whatever I am going to launch into, I have to wonder if people who read this, find my musings interesting or my life or both. Enough on that.

So we head off to the weekend, I am so glad, I am exhausted by the whole week. Work has been an amazing ride of stress with goofy meetings all week. My department is in the midst of major change and there is a faction that have been resisting and behaving badly. I don't know about you but I can't stand watching people behave badly and get rewarded for it. What I mean is that people who throw tantrums and then have weenie bosses cater to their crap to avoid conflict. This has been happening to these people including this guy who I work directly with and it has sucked, sucked big time. Well a new day has dawned and this crap is coming to an end but is taking time and while it is changing the rest of us who just want to go to work and enjoy our day and perhaps do something interesting at best or at least not painful at minimum get caught in the crap storm. And it is exhausting to be around and in one of the meetings I was involved in we were sandbagged by a group of these individuals so I found myself in the middle of a fight between the resisters and my manager. And then to top off the week I had to go to a meeting with this guy who was my old manager and is a total putz and just wants to piss in my well. If you don't know what that means, he is a spoiler, saying doing things just to ruin things for other people. Somehow to bring this back to art, I have got to figure out how to capture all this and instill it into a piece of material or digital medium and share it with others in a way that tells the subtext without having to put out like I am doing now. I want you to be able to see this week without having to see the week or hear about the week or God help you go through this week.

When I figure this out, I will let you know, best of all in a picture. In the meantime Don Carlucci is waiting for the transfiguration.

ta ta for now