So now I am looking into the whole collage art world. This is where my postcard work with my pictures and text is intersecting the more traditional collage postcard style. I am starting to eye various types of materials that may or may not be suitable for gluing to this flimsy card stock. The issue is not sticking all sorts of items to the paper, it is whether or not it will survive the journey through the postal system. Perhaps I will create cards never meant to be mailed and delivered some other way. I am looking at an artist from Queens who did collage work in boxes. I have known a couple of artists who did boxes which is a very interesting medium in of itself. So this is where I am looking to extend my work, this an extension of my discussion of the issue of materials and how that affects our work.

I am still looking for destinations for my cards, maybe your address or as a surprise gift for someone you know. A surprise in every card.

ta ta for now