I want to continue expanding my postcard project. The more I learn about postcard art I am finding that I am one of many. My sculpture teacher is a postcard artist and goes to a show with all sorts of stuff centered on creating and collecting postcards. Part of me likes being part of a tradition part of me wishes I had found some new niche to explore with art. I envy those people who can be on the cutting edge, who extend culture into whole new areas of human endeavor. Yet at bottom we are social animals so it is very hard to lead the way and invention happens usually many times by many people until some tipping point is reached. If I was really avant garde I guess I could use my blood to paint postcards or something like that, but then it would be rather messy and very unhygienic. Oh well, for now I shall follow the path of others. 

So for now I am finding ways to extend what I do. If you would like to be part of this project just write me and give me an address to send a card to. I am hoping to reach as many different parts of the world as I can, just like the pen pals of old. I am considering sending my postcards to cultural celebrities if I can figure out how to do that. Then after I die then these people will have major collectibles to give to the next generations. I am not sure if I will figure out any of this or even make this happen. But you can help and share with me more places to send out my cards, kind of like a reverse search for intelligent life. 

ta ta for now