The truth of the matter is that I am not really pondering anything that heavy. I have been thinking about postcards and the artist's need to understand the materials we work with. In the digital realm my friend encouragement raised the issue of color in the world of differing qualities of monitors. If you are conversant about digital matters it is file size and how that relates to image resolution and the limitations of the monitor 72 pixels per inch versus print which can be much higher depending on your printer. The issue of reflected light versus emitted light and how that changes the qualities of color from subtractive to additive. These are the material issues for us in digital much like a sculpture differing from wood to marble to sticks to foam. I am presented with this issue from my postcards, the paper is flimsy and I have found that I can use photographic inkjet paper in slices to make the card have a different physical structure as opposed to pasting printed regular copy paper which I print color onto. I have been experimenting with the physical differences when I construct my card, so it is not simply the issue of the content of the montage or mixture of imagery and text but of the nature of the material I paste onto the card and then raises the issue of bend ability for stiffer items that are pasted as opposed to softer paper that sticks well and bends with the card. So these are the issues for the physical realm. I raise this as it seem to make the simple act of creating a postcard somehow more profound, not in the artistic sense of creating an art piece of historic value but expands the nature and scope of the creative process and isn't that for most of us really what drives us. Yes we want product to express, impress and shout to the world our intent, but it is in the process we make discoveries and find boundaries and explore the boundaries of our own creativity.

ta ta for now