So we say we devote one day of the week to rest. In the Judaic/Christian tradition this day is to honor the supreme Deity. Working 5 days a week was a victory long fought and won hard. Saturday is still a working day, laundry, cleaning, financial business these can be done on Saturday as many offices are still open and services are geared towards increasing services. This is a lousy economy and Saturday is another day to make a buck and for us another day to get "things" done. Saturday is my day to hit the post office to buy more postcards and to drop off the ones that I have finished. I enjoy using the post office as opposed to using a corner mailbox. The huge greco-roman styled governmental building with all that great imposing stonework and heavy artwork. In NYC the post office near me has some great metal work on the doors and the marble floors are great. When I get a chance I also love to peruse all the stamps that are out there. Now I am no philatelist but I do enjoy a nice stamp. I made some stamps of my own on Zazzle but they charge too much and now the stamps are out of date. I will start using them with a 2 cent stamp to send some mail out.

I am still frustrated by the fact that I haven't found a place to put up some of my artwork. I would love to get some easels and mount my art on foam board and then just have an impromptu at show. Interesting thing I have observed, on flickr my jazz pictures still haven't gotten much notice, very few hits, whereas on ipernity people have stopped by to look at them. Now on flickr I posted a picture of my face with my braces, not the most flattering image of me but on flickr this picture got over two hundred views in a couple of days. Just an odd sense of priority, and I mentioned that on flickr and haven't gotten any responses on the issue. I just don't quite get it, I guess some kind of you tube effect. Kid gets hit on head by brick gets one million views, that kind of thing.


ta ta for now