This is an extra piece because I just had to put this down in writing. I wrote last time about how excited I am about sending my card to an international location. Well I felt like I had slighted my buddy Amiko because I didn't really mention in a big way what that meant to me. Amiko is a very talented individual that I have developed a rapport with via flickr and now ipernity. We have had a few written and visual exchanges over time, sharing a fun sensibility towards our art and I suspect life in general. Funny type of relationship to have strictly via the digital realm. But he has become a friend without ever meeting, something I guess is akin to the old pen pal. 

So anyway, he got one of my cards and his response just hit me hard. Amiko was excited to have a piece of art from me. Without this being sentimental or ego-centric to have someone outside of my family and close friends to actually be excited to have something created by me, just knocks my socks off. I don't know exactly how to put it, but this is a very big deal. 

I just wanted to acknowledge how important this was to me in writing and to let Amiko know  this as well.

ta ta for now

sheesh, do I sound like a little school girl in love or what...yikes!