I am going global, my art is going around the world. Yes I know that many of you who have looked at my work on here and on flickr are from all sorts of places. But this is the digital realm, where information and data and content move at the speed of light and can exist in infinite slices of copies. The old war cry of the 60's, "I am not a number" has been overturned and yes in this realm in fact I am simply a number, not even base ten but just a series of ones and zeros. My art for all  the beauty of color and form, tone, hue just series of ones and zeros translated by electronics to assume color values with density and shape and gray scales. To photoshop a picture and find that right balance can be a thing of beauty but to give it form on paper, whether it be photographic print of even ink jet photo paper to me changes the whole equation. So what is the point of all this rambling, I have been invited and I accepted to send one of my postcards to down under, the land of the roo, the land of my first ex-wife, where the marsupial lasted in the face of the mammal. And I am totally psyched by it, first my buddy Amiko and now a new art friend from a foreign land, well foreign to me in distance and experience though I have watched many an ovation tv program on the place.

So I think my new found friend, and thank all of you who read this blog and thank all the people who have taken a moment from their lives to view my work and perhaps enjoyed the time. I hope I haven't robbed anyone of valuable time or as they say, that was ten minutes I will never get back. Please I hope that isn't the case with spending time on my small offerings.

So here is to a new journey for a new postcard, a piece of me traveling to places I have never been and who knows, may never be but I will exist there in my other persona, a little slice of larryosan inhabiting the world somewhere else.

ta ta for now