Work is taking an interesting turn. Nothing to do with art, but it does connect to creativity. I work in Human Resources a unit devoted to internal training. Our department has been in upheaval about doing a research project with focus groups and surveys and information from other companies on their best practices on training. This could mean lots of changes in direction for the next two years. So people are lining up in different ways depending on their felt interests in either moving forward or defending their past work and their position in influence and felt power in our area. So there are lots of different currents flowing around, some of them based on hostility, some on fear and lots on insecurity. But what is interesting is the information gathered during the surveys and focus groups. It was striking to me how little connected training is to the everyday life of the mass of employees. Yes we train people, from supervisors to managers and we do connect with lots of people but for the most part we are not connected to their day to day lives. The people who influence and affect them the most is their immediate manager. And we have nothing in place for those people to help them or coach them or really do much for them at all, unless they are already inclined and have some good sense or independent training on how to do these things. We take people in and then yak at them for a couple of weeks, and interact, draw them out and turn them loose. Some of it sticks, some it actually transforms them but I suspect most of it runs off them like water off a ducks ass. So we have to figure out how to do much better.

The process of deciphering other peoples opinions to see what is there and importantly what is not, negative space in a way is creative. It is like anthropology on a very small scale. But I am enjoying the process a lot. Work doesn't always have to be a drudge, sometimes I actually find it very enjoyable.

ta ta for now