Started on my first sculpture using wood sticks and tape. Again I am little nervous about doing this as it is not something I start out being good at and I always have to be good at stuff I do. Which generally has left me not wanting to do anything, a sucky place to be in life. Trying to live up to fantasy standards never works. But I digress, we have started to work on actually creating some art piece. Funny thing, my sculpture teacher is also a postcard artist. And there is a huge show for people who collect and create postcards. So we had a nice conversation along the lines I have written here, concerning going from the digital realm to the physical where you can feel the work and the material. I enjoy using photoshop and doing my digital photography but I also really love sitting at the table with postcard, scissors and glue stick. And the final joy of dropping the piece in the mailbox to begin the journey to be seen by who knows. I actually restarted doing this by decorating the outside of shipping boxes that I was sending cd's with music mixes I had done. I do a little music at work for functions so I make mixes for the type of function. I am the music DJ for the chaplains at work who have a yearly lunch around the holidays.

I am wondering if Amiko has gotten his cards yet. Is there anyone out there who would like a larryosan original art piece? I just need to get an address and figure postage. At this point I am only sending cards, I think they should stay in my financial realm even if sent off to exotic realms. And if not I am still going to enjoy each and everyone I create. It is the act of creation that is the center of excitement. The process not only of doing the piece of the moment but discovering a little different way to do something or have an idea for something just a little off the beaten path at least on my path.

ta ta for now