I now have two people as recipients for my postcards. My buddy Amiko wished to join the fray and now he too will get a postcard or two. I am soon going to be in the thick of school but I am going to keep working on this. I have done a large number of cards prior to things heating up commitment wise. My goal with sending out my cards is to have the person getting the card find some way to alter the piece and make it something new. I wouldn't even mind if they cut it up to make yet a new collage. That is why i scan my works for posterity, as if they have some historical value. Which at least to me they do. I am not sure if they have postcards for overseas mailings, I suspect that there is different rates for different countries. Since I am here on Ipernity which is primarily a European centric outfit, which by the way is one of the attractions to me, I would love to find at least one correspondent overseas.

Physical art via land based mail, although I have not created nor pioneered anything here I still feel like an explorer entering the wilds. It feels new and exciting to me, though I am not simply some hedonist seeking new sensations I am a person looking for the edges, the boundaries to reach and try to push outward a bit, to make myself someone new not just in terms of being a bit older a bit more decrepit but grown in some way. Lifetime learning, lifetime exploration, lifetime struggle to live the life well lived. It is not a battle it is the journey that I seek. And a life well lived is what each of us wishes it to be.

This year I think will be good for me, in some way or another.

ta ta for now

I hope I am not setting myself up for some metaphysical disaster by stating a positive outlook.