Went to western NY into Pennsylvania to pick up the newest member of the family. Sadie the third Burmese cat in our little pride. A friend of mine from work who hooked us up with this rescue kitty volunteered her car and the two of drove across upper New York down into Penn. We went through a major storm with rain and sleet and a touch of hail on Friday night but Saturday other than being cold was easy going. I had a really good time as my coworker is a very interesting person and we had lots of work gossip to catch up on without having to worry about overheard. There is a lot of dissension in my department and lots of people having problems dealing with the changes. It is kind of sad to see people who teach others about being part of change having such a hard time when it hits them.

I have sent out most of my postcards I have one left before making some more. I am pondering on how to expand the project.


ta ta for now