I am in the middle of doing a number of things. Starting school which is exciting, I am preparing for a two day trip across New York to pick up our new cat and on Monday I get braces. The only thing I am missing is going through puberty again. Life is a bit hectic, but this is the nature of living a life well spent. You have to meet the challenges of the day and embrace the bits of chaos that a world we really don't control throws at us. I have always felt that in chaos there is opportunity. It is sitting in stillness in uncertainty that bothers me the most. Give me motion and the ability to take charge even in small things that can make for new paths in life.

My oh my, aren't I the big time philosopher, to be honest I don't know if anything I have just said really works for anyone beyond me. And even I can find chaos wearing on the soul, but in appropriate doses it can be inspiring.

If you look at my art work, not the pictures I take to capture interesting moments, like the jazz series but the photoshop I mess with colors and shapes and lines, I keep wanting to deconstruct my images but to maintain the elements but make them something new and different. Although I like what I am doing, I feel far from achieving what my intent is. I guess that is why I add words to my pictures, I think that adds an element that is both connected but disconnected to the primary theme of the picture. My words are derived from the image but constructed from thoughts far away from the original piece. Still the bits of chaos are still quite tame. I have yet to break out.

ta ta for now