So I attended my introduction to sculpture class. I admit that I am a bit intimidated by the idea of having to create 3 dimensional objects. I have never been good at thinking in shapes like this and when I saw a piece from someone else it was pretty good and still gives me a bit of a worry. But I will persevere and I will do my best. The high point to this class is learning the vocabulary of sculpture and going to museums and galleries to check out past and current sculpture, I just found out that my school id will get me into the Moma for free. Woohoo. So like my art appreciation class I will have fun going and checking out art. Always good for inspiration and for the soul. I am starting to push my collage postcard art a bit further along and getting to the point where I am seeing some creative change in my pieces. So I am happy with that. As I feel they have gotten to their destination I will post more of the scans.

This weekend I am going to pick up our new cat, I am very excited to have the addition but it is a challenge to not only get her, but also integrate her into the existing cat family. Again we will persevere and make this work.

A life well spent to me is life long learning and trying to push my creative boundaries. If I keep trying to do more with my art and keep working to forge something new whether I succeed or not I will be satisfied that at least I have made the effort and didn't end up wondering about all the "ifs" in my life.

ta ta for now