I seemed to have touched a small nerve with my last piece. More of a reaction than I have gotten in awhile, not to discount the comments I have gotten prior to this piece. But there seems to be a certain energy to the last comments. What is it that makes us feel different when we print our works and show them to others in this form? I can show potentially millions of people on Flickr or Ipernity my work. Some people have huge numbers on these sites and again it is very satisfying to do this.

But, and a big but, I love the sense of printing my works and having them framed then hanging on the walls of work. Not as many people see these pieces and at one point in my career I had printed my pieces and then blew them up on color xerox machines and had them in the window of a small restaurant. My friend the owner told me later that people asked him why he had these wierd images in his window. I had each image accompanied with a small typed out story. I loved doing this and at this point I am eyeing a wall near me that is covered with planks of plywood and stamped "post no bills" and wondering if I have the nerve to wheatpaste some of my poster sized prints onto this location. It would be on my way to the subway, it is very exciting to me but I am a bit conservative on the issue of running into the law. I am a straight citizen these days looking to retire, I am not a wild and wooly young artiste, sigh I have gotten older.

I am envious of my brother who has had a couple of shows with his works, he has obtained a plateau that I have yet to reach, I want this a lot. But at this point all I can do is consider doing it and haven't gotten the oomph to go out and make this happen.

Making art physical rocks my world.

ta ta for now