I am a couple of weeks into my postcard art and it has brought me back to the physical side of art creation versus posting digital imagery onto web 2.0 websites. Yeah flickr and Ipernity both have increased the exposure of my photos and photoshop creations by so many levels it would be impossible for me to do this in the physical realm especially in this time frame. Unless I spent the great amount of time strictly on self exposure coupled with a great deal of luck. I think my work is good enough to push my work into public exposure. But that isn't where my life is at the moment. So anyway back to my point. I am expanding the exposure of my postcard art by posting my scans both to here and flickr but even then, scans are no substitute for the physical reality of collage work or the feel of the card. There is something about cutting my pictures up and applying the glue and affixing the cutouts to the card. And I really enjoy taking the crayola color pencils to play around with the cards and alter the images. I like the connection between thought and execution via my hands. I can see why painters connect with their creations in a way that even computer artists cannot experience, though the process goes both ways, as an avid computer user there is something to be said to mixing and matching filters and alterations until you are hitting that golden spot where you lose yourself to the process. The self discipline of holding back from doing one more filter or moving that contrast value up or down. It takes something to hold off and not do anything.

The smell the feel and the pleasure of dropping my card off into the postbox knowing it has begun the journey to be seen. This works for me.

ta ta for now