For some reason I was cruising wikipedia and came across the term "furries", people who like to dress up in animal style costumes. Now this is different than CosPlay which does involve costumes but is more general in characters, I believe that they are more oriented towards Japanese manga than animals per se. Now furries have been in the culture, in fact the one reference I saw was on a show called CSI and there was the intimation that the furries had a special "sexual" bent towards their proclivities. From the article I read the desire to adopt an animal persona had broader appeal and involved many levels including the connection to common cartoon characters and the connection to the spiritual natures of certain animals.Is that really that different than societies that had special religious ceremonies with animal dress to appeal to the spirits of the food animals that were the life source of the community or to adopt the strengths of those animals. In North American aboriginal societies in the southwest the coyote and the wolf both played important roles in mythology and acted as role model for certain types of behavior. (How learned I sound now that I took one anthropology course) But back to my discourse, I find all this fascinating the variability of human behavior and connected to the plasticity of our genetic expression into different body types, colors, and adaptations to differing environmental conditions while still maintaining a singular identity as human just makes me stop and wonder.

Art is a function of human beings as social animals, unless it is a solitary endeavor which unless exposed to others has no real meaning. We are bottom social beings and our strength is in fact our social nature. We invent things many times in many places with many variations which through cultural diffusion creates all sorts of wonderful inventions and art and food and stories and traditions. These social web sites can only move that diffusion to a quicker road, it doesn't necessarily invent anything new, in my opinion but it does start changes in degrees to our connections. Will anything truly useful and new or interesting, I am not sure as we have been doing this all before just at a different pace. Television and books and radio have all been moving culture around the world, look how movies are the spearhead of this diffusion. Movies contain imagery of goods, styles, language all in one package released upon the audience.

Where am I going with this, not sure, but it will percolate with me and hopefully with you as well. Maybe even as far fetched as this may be, someone will comment with some commentary on what I have said. If I am lucky Jerry Lee will drop by and lay some of his very interesting thoughts on me, or Amiko will burst out and lay some heavy thoughts for all.

ta ta for now