For some reason I am feeling really tired tonight. My eyes were strained all day and now I feel like I am struggling for something to write about. I was thinking about the crane. Not the bird, the industrial piece of equipment used in construction. Why you ask, well NYC and especially my neighborhood of lower Manhattan is in the throes of major construction boom. Everywhere I turn are cranes, and also buildings or structures coming down, except for the stupid Deutche Bank which stands as a monument to greed and stupidity. As I come home I can see across the Hudson river a large crane in New Jersey and I pass by a smaller crane used in a project. The crane is one of those sophisticated pieces of manufacture but a basic simple machine dating back to the Greeks. Fulcrums and levers it always comes back to the basics. In photography it is the same thing, our ability to manipulate our imagery and the equipment to capture light and shadow is based on very sophisticated material technology but still it is about reacting to light and changing tones, values etc. Really not much different though finer control. I am sure there are things that can be done digitally that cannot be done physically but I am not sure how much that is. I suspect it is in the ability to distort mathematically and change perspective. But didn't that begin with the painters, we just copy their advancements with new tools. Since I haven't spent much time for a long time in the darkroom I wonder. Which is why I like the people who go low tech to produce some very sophisticated results and people who subvert technology to do the unexpected. They take things sideways, truly think outside the box and overused phrase. I guess that is why you see the Holga groups and the pinhole groups, there is an attraction to go low as opposed to high end. It is more "analog" the logic fuzzier, rougher around the edges, more fractal if you will. Me, I love it.

Oh well I may have had something to say after all.

ta ta for now