My very quick take on the logic of God planned destiny. Heath Ledger dies and Sylvester Stallone releases the latest Rambo movie.

I love to see how things are made, in fact I watch a show called how things are made. The other show I watch is food unwrapped. Both are fascinating in revealing the industrial processes involved in creating various products including food. Especially to see food mass produced by a series of cooking or baking at stages that includes the control of people who have real impact on the process like the flavor specialists who control stages of candy making. But then you switch over to mass production where food goes through series of machines that mold and bake and finish what we eat into attractive and tasty but mostly nutritionally bad morsels. At the same time not all of it is crap and the process works. It also seems to work for manipulating metals and plastics and various other materials. And at the same time we value the handmade item with the irregularity of human intervention, finding great satisfaction in the fact that the item incorporates a great deal of time and energy by one or a small group of individuals. In NYC you see South Americans selling handmade sweaters and other woven items on the streets and I can only assume they do a brisk business since they are all over town on so many corners. Right near the guys selling the cheap made knock off purses. Both ends of the manufacturing spectrum.

So where does that put us with digital medium, we can mass produce imagery and prints without end, but how does that affect the value, not just in the monetary sense but in intrinsic value to you the viewer. Because this blog can be seen all over the world on millions of computers (though that happening is extremely unlikely) does this make my writing more or less valuable.

I think that the analog print will be elevated in some respects but ghettoized in other respects.

ta ta for now