I read an article I believe on Slashdot or wired about how our culture changes the wiring in our brains shown by how we solve problems or the nature of the problem activates more or less of our brain. This is about the difference of group cultures versus more individual oriented cultures. No one was better than the other it was more how problems that deal with relationships was handled by the brains and what type of relationships were more or less taxing in problem solving. So this makes me wonder if not only the social culture affects our thinking what does the exposure to different types of cultural stimulus change our thinking. I don't mean in the simplistic violent movies make for violent people as this seems to wax and wane in US politics based on the political expedient of the moment. You know, if you can't deal with reality baffle people with bullshit. Forget bad education, bad job prospects, the economic differential between high earning but short life span crime versus low earning but long years of drudgery. That is meaningless and has been bashed as "liberal-do-gooder-excuse-everything" mentality. Almost as bad as pointing out that the fanatics who grew in the Middle East were funded by the US ally Saudi Arabia and whose origins lay in the arming of fighters in Afghanistan when the Soviets were controlling the area. Oh by the way, thank you Jimmy Carter who shipped the first missiles to that area.

Anyway, I am not that political anymore, right now I am more interested in culture. Goes back to what I have been saying about the architecture of a city, to the music to the public art. As an artist we all pay attention to our inputs, many of us seek these stimuli out to help broaden our visions and to give us grist for our emotional and creative mills. So what does the dearth of these things mean for most people who live on pop culture. Can Britney Spears actually bring about brain damage? Look at what fast food has done to our health and general physical well being. Turned Americans into a group of large adipose cattle. Fast food versus good food made fast, we stuff our faces with crap that is so processed that they have to add chemical flavors to bring back something resembling the original taste. Me I like fat, salt and sugar as much as the next guy and to my regret a little too much looking at my middle aged gut but not as a diet. Actually I am not sure why we bother to make these things look like hamburgers when we should just be served a bag of processed food as a big grey glop with all the tastes of secret sauce. Would save us the bother of having to chew.

I am not a cultural elitist, there are lots of things going on at all levels of society but overall what is happening when we are constantly overwhelmed by crap, acceptable to the likes of Jesse Helms. Sigh!

ta ta for now