I never know what I am going to write and I rarely have an idea about where I am going to shoot with my camera. Oh I have a general idea when I take my camera with me on my walks or to work but that doesn't mean I have any intent or direction. The same with these pieces, I am not planning out my writing or outlining which is a good idea but not what I want to do with this project. This is like stretching, I haven't written for a long time and I need to get the feel of the flow.

Oh if you have seen my pictures of the church this is what I was talking about when I was thinking about the elements of architecture and craftsmanship around us that not only supplies us with material for our lens but also inspires our work. To see what others can accomplish can only lift us a little higher. If all I saw in life was advertising and the artwork of doodlers then that would be my measure, hence I go to the museum and look at the street artists and search out bits and pieces of those unacknowledged artists who are not making a living yet still take the time to create some little bit of beauty. This is also why I ponder about the images I see here and on flickr, to cultivate my palette so I can differentiate between the good and the great and what makes a piece of work stand out. It is the question of when something very attractive and pretty like a sunset becomes mundane and cliche, just because lots of people do it doesn't have to reduce the value of the image. But then again, when you have seen a million sunsets and those people who sell the hyper-real pictures of shore lines and sunsets you can just feel the cliche ooze out at you.

ta ta for now