I have quit trying to type in an introduction, sometimes it shows up and other times it doesn't and I can't figure out why it goes either way.

Dinner with Howard and friends. I love hanging out with actors, and artists and this group included trainers, you know the people who help you get into shape or tone up or lose weight. All very self actualized people with large amounts of motivation and so into people and understanding themselves and others and pondering the great questions on how to bring in all that great stimulation and deliver great acting. Yeah, my kind of people. I would much rather hang out with people I may not agree with on all things than people who share my world view and are boring. Got to stay away from boring people, I need energy and it is funny as I am not really a social person but give me people who are movers in their own way. And this crowd tonight were that type of people, they move through life finding opportunities and making things happen for them and they have passion about what they do, whether it is doing yoga or training or acting. One member of the dinner party was an electronic engineer who helped design satellites for things like direct TV which he called his boring job but it paid for his passion which is acting and writing and doing creative at least to him stuff. Now I consider doing engineering pretty damn creative but that is not his passion it is something he does for money.

And to top it off we all played jenga which is you stack all these pieces of wood then take pieces away and stack them on top, in fact a strategy and physical challenge game. I am just happy I didn't tip the damn thing over, but fun was had by all. And isn't that the point of a good dinner party, so we succeeded in our endeavors.

Does any of this intersect art, in a way because these were people who created their art in the form of acting and this is a slice of their life and it gave me at least something to write about and so I see if this is a bit of the path I want to take in my writing. Perhaps this type of exposition is not what I want to do, well when I go back and read it, then I will find out and this blog work is an act of exploration and unfortunately for you my fellow traveler sometimes we hit those pockets of smelly gas and we move on as we dig deeper.

ta ta for now