Well I finished jury duty, no cases, I suspect due to being on Friday and Monday is a holiday. So we sat around for the day and then lunch and then bye bye. Again, I had no electronics including leaving my camera behind as they don't allow them in the court building. And that was frustrating as it had rained last night and combined with the cool air the light in the morning was absolutely magnificent. I have walked by the buildings in lower Manhattan many times but this morning and later in the afternoon the light was clean, clear and crisp. Buildings just jumped out at you, the Woolworth front as amazing and the carvings, window sills and all those little details from the building style of the 20's were stark and just cried out to be photographed. And of course my camera was sitting at home. There were some interesting looking people on the street also waiting for me and my camera. I suspect they left muttering to themselves, "ah rats the putz left his camera at home". This is also why architecture and city design is so interesting to me, as this is the subject beside myself for my work. The newer buildings are just boring to me, a few have interesting designs but for the most part they suck. The rich are stingy with their goodies, the newer luxury buildings have wonderful and beautiful lobbies which are not available to the general public and the outer exterior is mechanical and looks like industrial design. And not good design at that. It's like have all those wonderful pieces of art in your collection and refusing to share them with the museums. People loved Brook Astor because she had sense to share her good fortune and not just as some ego boosting glorification of herself. Trump is just the opposite, this guy is all about self promotion, he is as hungry for good pr as the meanest of small time actors or social climbing wannabees. And he doesn't need it, his buildings stand out, he has money up the wazoo and he is still driven to be so venal. If he stuck with being famous for what he is good at he would still be a big name but something is wrong in that noggin.

But I digress, the light was wonderful, I didn't have my camera but at least I am done with jury duty for four years. Oh by the way, I sing to my cat.

ta ta for now