I got tapped for jury duty. I thought I had stayed under the radar but they caught up to me so today I sat in the room for prospective jurists. Since my last time they have improved a few things, like better chairs and wi-fi in the area so lots of people had laptops and were cruising the net while waiting and I suppose some were working. Me I don't have any cool portable electronics, even my phone sucks. Living in a frugal household we get the "free" phones which have no features and I don't have a light laptop, the one I use like now is a desktop replacement and heavy as a brick. I tried to take it to school once and almost got a hernia. Someday I will have some cool portable electronics and be able to surf the web from wherever I am. Though if the truth be told, I don't even go that many places online, mostly here and flickr and to look at my email. I just don't surf that much for anything that interesting. Looking up people that do art for mailing was about the most interesting thing I have looked at in a long time. I do cruise wikipedia for interesting articles on anime, the shows that I watch on late night on the cartoon channel. I love futurama, this goofy kid ninja show called Naruto and some others I watch from time to time. Oh and Robot Chicken which is always a hoot, from the same people who did celebrity death match. Funny stuff, and new. So I spent the day reading and the courthouse is near our Chinatown so I had a great Vietnamese lunch which was very tasty. I am a huge fan of southeast Asian food. I was in Los Angeles during the period lots of people starting coming over from Thailand, and Cambodia so new cuisines were hitting the market in that city and I was trying them all. Yummm!

So nothing really on art, but then this is my life and that affects the art I produce if I can truly call what I produce art so be it.

ta ta for now