The last piece I wrote when I tried to save it went poof. I lost all of it, not that it was anywhere near the pinnacle of brilliance but it was work and then was wasted. Oh well, life goes on, even if our work all disappeared life would go on. I guess the relative worth and weight of what we do here can only be measured in the gratification it gives us the creators and to you the audience.

My art project with postcards is coming along and I am very pleased by working at it. I got some interesting feedback on the subject and I like taking prints from my pieces and cutting them up to make small collages. I am combining this with small written works of poetry. Like these pieces I never know what it is that I will end up putting down on paper. All new stuff and I really like that as I went for years without writing anything new. I also looked up the concept of postal art and found that in fact there is a whole group of people who use the postal service as a component of doing a variety of art projects, They trade works, move pieces around the country adding to the work until it returns to the originator. All sorts of cool things. A website is based on doing this. So the idea was never unique to me and my collaborator but the idea is just too cool. The element of discovery in every work makes it very gratifying to me. Kind of what it feels like when I work with photoshop on my pictures and hit just that right note. Photoshop makes it just too easy to change pictures, it is really hard to not go over or under modifying work, so it is really a happy moment when you pull in something just right. That is why I like the physical realm, there are constraints and physical limits that helps direct your work. And within those constraints so much can be accomplished, just look at the works out there. Amazing.

ta ta for now