We walk through the world afloat in the views of others. Everywhere we turn is some example of a persons or groups decision on design, in the grand scale the city planner, the design of the very sidewalk beneath our feet. Someone has to say to the concrete person, scribe in those lines to make it look like squares are this size and shape. The street lamp is based on a diagramm and decisions on materials, height and shape. The direction of traffic, the naming of streets, the buildings, the clothes on our backs and walking around us. The glasses, hats, shoes, purses, phones, lipstick, medicine, soft drink or water bottles down to the brown paper bag used to carry that sad little sandwich. All of these items are designed by someone, approved by someone, manufactured by someone using tools designed by someone else, manufactured somewhere else. And yet we put art and artistic endeavors into this small box at one end of the spectrum of human creativity. Anthony Bourdain on his show said art is supposed to confound and ask questions. Perhaps there are confounding things in our everyday objects and questions that we just don't see in the world around us but we don't call it art. A pedestrian street sign that tells us to walk and don't walk begins a relationship with us and depending on the location and mindset of the population this relationship works or simply is an indicator to run or walk quickly. Yet there is a relationship implied there, this sign is the unspoken authority of the state commanding obedience from us, telling us that the state that put in the sign, this entity has our best interest at heart and to obey is to stay safe. And that continues on up to the cameras that now spy upon us everywhere, the machines that intercept our conversations across the phone lines and the computers that are designed to read our email. And all of these things are designed by quite creative people.

So is art a subset or are we awash in a vast sea of cryptic art that we simply don't see and the art we do see is simply this portion that can be commodities for trade?

ta ta for now