I have written about my own insecurities, my take on creativity and quality, the death of culture and little bits and pieces on moving inspiration in and moving art out. I was told by someone I respect that basically I had sunk into a rut and needed to change directions as what I had been writing about was old and to me a bit stale. I made the commitment to dig deeper and find new paths. The central theme I don't want to abandon is the search for creative impulses.

I have started a new art project based on low tech and physical expression, moving away from the digital realm. I have started a postcard project. Taking bits and pieces of my artwork, snipping away with scissors and using paste to create little scenes on the postcard, add a dash of quickie poetic writing and then dispatch it off on the journey across country. Why postcard art? It isn't simply the creative act, re-purposing the prints of my artwork nor the mad dash poems or cryptic sentences, it is the desire for the anonymous audience that may or may not exist amongst the postal workers. Postcard art is fully exposed to everyone along the trail from here to there. Not packaged, nor in some place designated for the display of art, it is sitting there for some random man or women to pick up and look at. Most of the time the postcard is being shuttled along by machines, but there are moments it is in human hands, and there lies the opportunity both for me the artist but for the random individual as well. For me to have my work seen, for the person in the moment they have a chance for possible interesting discovery. Sometimes I imagine me mailing my work to random people picked from random phone books at the library. But then my imagination takes it a step further and I realize that in fact I am setting into motion my demise by some crazed serial killer that I have accidentally mailed my art work to. Not a good thought so I hesitate and stop myself from committing this odd act of random art. No sirree, not me to end up on some True American Crime show.

Oh, can someone explain why sometimes the introduction shows up and others it disappears?

ta ta for now